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We only use wireless technology that has been specifically developed for the safety and security markets, thus providing a cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications.

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Get a Web Eye -
Know what's happening in your home.

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Holland Systems is now installing WebEye Home Alert security alarms in Bristol and the South West. WebEye Home Alert™ is a new interactive cloud-based security solution for the home environment that enables alarms and video notifications to be received and handled from any internet-enabled computer, tablet or smart phone including iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

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Holland Systems working to secure Self Build sites

With thousands of pounds worth of plant and materials on site, and budgets tight, security on self build sites is a priority. Holland Systems experience with a partnership securing sites for major housebuilders including Persimmon and Charles Church, as well as approval from Ecclesiastical Insurance for systems to protect Church property makes them the ideal choice to advise, install and monitor on your site.

Holland Systems are approved installers of the revolutionary Web Eye Home Alert systems, the worlds first fully cloud based self monitoring service, giving full control of the system anywhere from a smartphone or tablet, visit http://hollandsystemsuk.com/1.html for a demonstration.

Holland Systems give a clear accurate price without hidden extra’s or questionable special deals. Monitoring is carried out by central station, and every incident is viewed by trained operators who will alert the police, preventing false alarms from cats or the wind. It is worth noting that 3 false alarms in 12 months will lead to the police not responding. Holland Systems boast an enviable record in this regard. Systems start from £495 with monitoring from 50p per day . Bespoke systems can be designed to suit your site. Wireless technology make the systems hard for potential thieves to detect or overcome.

Once work is complete Holland Systems can design and install your domestic security system continuing the high level of reassurance you have enjoyed for site security.

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